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Psychologists and psychiatrists - improving mental health together

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Psychologists and psychiatrists - improving mental health together

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Psychologists and psychiatrists improving mental health together

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Many Danes encounter challenges at some point in life that affect their mental well-being. Whether it's you, your child, or a loved one in need of help to feel better, we have experienced psychologists and psychiatrists across the country who can help you.

At Aleris PP, we understand that security and trust are crucial when you're at your most vulnerable. We meet on your terms and tailor a process that fits your needs and challenges. Our psychologists and psychiatrists work together to provide you with the most effective treatment.

Whether you need assessment or counseling in one of our clinics or prefer an appointment with our online psychologists, we can help you quickly! We make it easy for you to get started and help guide you from start to finish.

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At Aleris PP, experienced psychologists and psychiatrists work together to provide you with the most effective treatment, regardless of your age. Book appointments for consultations or assessments at our clinics nationwide - easily and safely.

When you schedule your appointment, we help you find the right therapist and getting started with your treatment journey. Our phone lines are open on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

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Schedule an appointment with the Online Psychologist

With just a few clicks, you can connect with an experienced psychologist via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We're open every day of the year, including weekends and weekday evenings when others are closed. There's no wait time, so you can start your treatment immediately.

You must be at least 15 years old to use Online Psychologist services. Assessments of conditions such as ADHD or autism are conducted through physical consultations.

​Short wait

Short wait for appointments with our psychologists and psychiatrists.

​High level of professionalism

Experienced mental health professionals and tailored treatment plans.

​Help everyone, regardless of age

We help adults, adolescents, and children improve their mental health.

​Easy access, regardless of your location

Find us online or in one of our clinics. 

How We Have Helped Others

Othilde, Trustpilot

Quote translated from Danish

“If you at any point in your life, feel like you need psychological or psychiatric help but feel like you’re “hitting a wall” whenever you try to get a referral – or you’re told that you can schedule an appointment in 3-4 months, then Aleris PP is the place for you. Aleris PP is built to help the people who suffer because of long waiting lists. Aleris PP has short waiting lists and VERY competent personnel, who I believe have saved my life.”

Dad of a 10-year old Boy

Quote translated from Danish

​”We are just so glad that things are going well for our son. The process at Aleris PP has been a really good experience and a huge help.”

From Aleris PP’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Quote translated from Danish

”It is really practical that you have such versatility in-house so one can choose between multiple practitioners while staying in one place. Furthermore, it is easy to get to, the place is nice, clean and professional. It all means something to the overall experience.”

Trine, Mother of a Secondary School Student

Quote translated from Danish

”My son has been treated for anxiety at Aleris PP. Now he is completely anxiety free and is enjoying life at secondary school. We are eternally grateful that we were recommended a child psychiatrist from Aleris PP as he without a doubt has played a crucial part in my son’s ability to work through the disease and get the tools needed so he now leads a completely ordinary teenage life.”


Aleris PP is a part of Aleris Danmark. With more than 150 psychologists and 25 psychiatrists, we are the leading private practioner in terms of psychology and psychiatry. You can find us online or in one of our clinics. We offer tailored treatment plans and can help with assessment and/or treatment.

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