Mental well-being in the workplace

Get strategies to improve mental well-being and prevent stress

A psychologically healthy work environment pays off. It helps you to solve tasks and to cooperate, and increases resilience among leaders and employees in the organization. Our experienced organizational psychologists can support you in preventing stress and securing mental well-being in the workplace. 

Use Aleris PP as:

  • A strategic partner for your work with mental well-being

  • A facilitator of workshops, presentations and seminars for leaders and employees

  • An advisor and counselor for leaders and HR


Aleris PP’s organizational psychologists have significant experience with organizational initiatives on all levels and with working clinically with stress and other mental health conditions. We work with organizations both in Denmark and internationally.

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A Proven Method for a Balanced Work Life

​Aleris PP's method for stress prevention management provides organizations, leaders, and employees with the tools to create a balanced performance culture that is characterized by:

  • Attention and dialogue providing a shared language about how to improve well-being and prevent stress

  • Ability and courage to address expectations with a focus on roles, responsibilities, and competencies

  • Sustainable action that balances well-being and performance

citat-start-groen-final In collaboration with Aleris PP we have conducted a full day seminar focused on stress. The outcome has been more awareness within The Counselling Center and has validated the dialogue about stress – internally both between employees and between employees and leaders. On a scale of 1-5 the day was rated at a 5 by multiple participants. I would definitely recommend the seminar.citat-slut-groen

- Martin Hamborg, Director of The Counselling Center – Velliv Pension and Life Insurance

Quote translated from Danish

​Ways of improving mental well-being and preventing stress in the workplace

Strategic organizational initiative to improve mental well-being

A thriving organization creates results. This is why we offer a collective strategic initiative on an organizational level that focuses on mental well-being and stress prevention.

An organizational approach provides employees and leaders with insight and knowledge of what they can do individually and collectively to prevent stress and improve well-being in the workplace. It creates a common language, a shared direction, and concrete tools that can be used in daily work. Both employees and leaders will experience greater empowerment, job satisfaction, and performance.

Leader coaching

Leader coaching enables leaders to prevent stress and improve well-being in the workplace. The coaching is based on short presentations, dialogues in groups and in assembly, and working with specific cases - all while receiving continuous and direct feedback. During the process we will present a series of tools for dialogue and conversation techniques. The tools are visual aids that you can use directly in your daily work as a leader.

After the process you will be equipped to instigate conversations with employees who exhibit symptoms of being mentally unwell or stressed.

Leadership counselling

Leadership counselling helps you to understand the hidden mechanisms behind stress symptoms, and provides you with the competencies needed to initiate the often challenging conversations with employees about their well-being.

You will become equipped to support and help an employee who's mental well-being is deteriorating due to stress. You will learn how best to support employees while they are on sick leave. You will also learn more about your own role as a leader in the organization. Leadership counselling can therefore both be aimed towards specific cases, and be about developing your overall leadership skills.

Individual therapy

Most people will at some point experience being overly busy or feeling pressured. It could be due to something in their personal life or difficulties at work causing them to have trouble concentrating, or lose track of the big picture - or feel more tired, uncertain, and worried than usual.

Individual therapy sessions are about you and the things you experience - regardless of whether you are a leader or an employee. You will gain insight into your own stress dynamics and learn techniques that you can use to navigate through difficult situations. Our aim is to help you overcome adversity and to emerge empowered.

Presentations and seminars

Many leaders want to prevent stress and ensure their employees’ mental well-being, but they are unsure of how to do it in a simple and effective way.

Our presentations and seminars will enable both employees and leaders to work strategically with mental well-being and stress prevention. You will be given the most recent knowledge about stress and specific action-oriented advice on how to improve mental well-being in the workplace. 

Three Popular Seminars:

  1. The Myths about Stress – 4 Steps to a Healthy Work Life (for employees)

  2. Stress Preventing Leadership (for leaders)

  3. The Challenging Conversations (for leaders)

Three-Party sessions

If you have an employee who is experiencing stress symptoms or is currently on sick leave due to stress, we offer a three-party session with you, and the employee, and a chartered business psychologist. 

The psychologist helps to facilitate a constructive dialogue between the employee and the leader. During the session, the psychologist helps the employee and the leader to reach a mutual understanding of the situation, and the challenges and opportunities at hand. The goal for a three-party session is to collectively establish a comprehensive and realistic course of action based on mutual agreements.

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How We Have Helped Others

Anita Engdahl, Education Consultant, Roskilde Stift

Quote translated from Danish

”Thank you so much for today! The seminar participants stated that they learned a lot of new things about handling adversity and how one as a leader can handle such things. Multiple participants really become excited and empowered to continue working on the matter.”

Seminar Participant, KAP-H

Quote translated from Danish

”Committed teacher that is great at getting the participants to engage in dialogue. Highly professional and specific. Great interactions back-and-forth and good, constructive dialogues.

From Aleris PP’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Quote translated from Danish

“I feel safe and in good hands with my practitioner – a very positive and calming person. This makes me believe that I will get better, and this aspect of the treatment is as important as any other.”


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