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From Aleris PP’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Quote translated from Danish

”After 6 years of working with psychologists and social workers from 24-7, Cool, Cool Kids, Julemærkehjem Charity and many more, we ended up with you and only then did we see an improvement. So of course, we would like to recommend you. We had an almost 2 hour drive each way to the nearest clinic, but it was definitely worth it.”

Trine, Mother of a Secondary School Student

Quote translated from Danish

”My son has been treated for anxiety at Aleris PP. Now he is completely anxiety free and is enjoying life at secondary school. We are eternally grateful that we were recommended a child psychiatrist from Aleris PP as he without a doubt has played a crucial part in my son’s ability to work through the disease and get the tools needed so he now leads a completely ordinary teenage life.”

Dad of a 10-year-old Boy

Quote translated from Danish

​”We are just so glad that things are going well for our son. The process at Aleris PP has been a really good experience and a huge help.”


Aleris PP is a part of Aleris Danmark. With more than 150 psychologists and 25 psychiatrists, we are the leading private practioner in terms of psychology and psychiatry. You can find us online or in one of our clinics. We offer tailored treatment plans and can help with assessment and/or treatment.

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