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How We Have Helped Others

Anita Engdahl, Education Consultant, Roskilde Stift

Quote translated from Danish

”Thank you so much for today! The seminar participants stated that they learned a lot of new things about handling adversity and how one as a leader can handle such things. Multiple participants really become excited and empowered to continue working on the matter.”

Seminar Participant, KAP-H

Quote translated from Danish

”Committed teacher that is great at getting the participants to engage in dialogue. Highly professional and specific. Great interactions back-and-forth and good, constructive dialogues.

From Aleris PP’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Quote translated from Danish

“I feel safe and in good hands with my practitioner – a very positive and calming person. This makes me believe that I will get better, and this aspect of the treatment is as important as any other.”


Aleris PP is a part of Aleris Danmark. With more than 150 psychologists and 25 psychiatrists, we are the leading private practioner in terms of psychology and psychiatry. You can find us online or in one of our clinics. We offer tailored treatment plans and can help with assessment and/or treatment.

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